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Last tips before heading to London for Winter Break

Last tips before heading to London for Winter Break

We already did a blog post on London’s best tips and tricks to know when traveling to London, however, we did not have the chance to tell you everything! This is the reason why we are now offering you a second round of tips for when you’ll be traveling to London and staying in one of our flats. So don’t hesitate to have a look at our Last tips before heading to London for Winter Break!

#Weather/Pack layers

We all know that London weather is really tricky. It can be sunny and raining all at the same time. If you have never experienced London weather you’ll be surprised by its versatile attitude. So if you don’t want to catch a cold after going out without your coat because you thought it was sunny, always check the weather before going out. A mini umbrella will also be a lifesaver. Pack smart, pack layers!

#Get off the beaten path

This great city has a lot of places to visit. Central London has, for example, Oxford Street, Regent Street, Covent Garden. East London has the Barbican Center, the Shard. West London has South Kensington… But these places are always full of tourists and you might lose your patience when waiting in the queue for an attraction located in these places So if you are adventurous, don’t hesitate to give privilege to lesser-known places, sometimes outside the city center, for example, Brick Lane rather than Camden. You won’t be disappointed, we promise!

#Lots of free stuff

London is the best place to go on a shopping spree, however, it might hurt your wallet. But don’t worry, you can definitely do both if you are smart enough, as the city overflows with free stuff and activities, things that differentiate it from other big cities. Head to South Kensington where you’ll have the chance to visit the Natural Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Science Museum. But be careful, you might end up wandering around the ENTIRE day in those museums, as there are plenty of things (too much) to see!

#The London Pass

Used by more than 3 million visitors, The London Pass is a sightseeing city card helping visitors see London’s top attractions, saving them both time and money. You’ll have the chance to walk into the Tower of London, Windsor Castle and even hop on a River Cruise. It’s great if you want to do a classic tour of London and gain time as you’ll be able to skip the lines at selected attractions thanks to the fast track!

#Bargain Shopping and eating

The city has the reputation of being expensive to live in. Yes, rent might be higher than in other big cities, transportation might also be expensive but the rest is not which means that if you are a tourist traveling for holiday, you will encounter fair prices when going to the restaurant or shopping. We could almost say that it’s rather cheap if you go to food markets and vintage clothing shops. So if you want to discover this other side of London, you could also have a look at our first tips blog post.

#Public transportation

As stated above, public transportation is expensive in London. Around 5 pounds for a single travel ticket. However, prices are cut in half when using an Oyster or your credit card by paying contactless. Furthermore, the black cabs are expensive, so you’d rather use Uber or Gett to get from point A to point B quicker than by using the tube.

Tell us if you triedsome of these activities in London and what did you think of it! With FG Properties we can find you an amazing apartment near those places for you to have a great trip to London!

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