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Best Underground things to do in London

Best Underground things to do in London

London IS certainly a great city with a lot of secret corners that are just not known enough by the tourists, sometimes for the best! If you are like us and like getting off the beaten tracks then this article is for you. Oxford Street? Piccadilly Circus? Overcrowded and overrated. You’d rather head to what’s beneath your feet by checking our “Best Underground things to do in London”!

#1 Speakeasy/Cahoots

Is it an underground? Is it a bar? Well, it might be both at the same time. Cahoot “underground” station can be found under Kingly Court, between Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus. This old-school speakeasy will surprise you with its 40’s decoration. But don’t get me wrong, the cocktails are also to die for. You should definitely try the old lady head, served in a miniature statue of the liberty head glass!

#2 Visit London Underground

London Underground history is captivating. Its construction began 150 years ago and is still not finished since the Victoria Line is still under construction. While some stations are opening, others have closed but are still opened for private tours. So be sure to check underground tours to understand a little bit more what happens below your feet?

#3 The Mail Rail

Cruising under London in a mini carriage might have been a dream, but now it’s possible! From Whitechapel to Paddington, you can take a ride on Mail Rail and experience 20 minutes of immersive underground exploration on miniature trains.

#4 Village Underground

Located in the center of Shoreditch, Village Underground is an amazing venue built under two intersecting railway arches. At first, you might wonder what two subway carriages are doing on the roof. However, after spotting the long queue down Great Eastern Street, you’ll understand that this club is one of the most impressive and underground venues of London.

#5 Brick Lane Underground Vintage  Market

Brick Lane hides a lot of secrets. In particular, the Vintage Market that is located under Brick Lane. The door leading to this incredible space where you can smell vintage clothes in the air is not easy to notice since it’s located in the Old Truman Brewery. You will certainly not walk out empty-handed from this incredible discovery!! 

#6 Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Why take the bridge when you can take an underground tunnel? That’s right, there are many underground tunnels crossing the Thames and not only tunnels for the tube. 371 meters underground, this tunnel connects Greenwich to the Island Gardens on the Isle of Dog. Your children will definitely like this little adventure under the Thames.

#7 St Dunstan in the East

Searching for a perfect place for you to have lunch that’s a change from your cafeteria? We have found the perfect place for you, in the heart of the City, far from the tourist areas. This old church holds a dark past as it was partially destroyed during the war but has since been converted into a beautiful little garden. So if you are looking for a beautiful quiet space, don’t hesitate to go there!

Tell us if you tried the best underground things to do in London and what did you think of it! With FG Properties we can find you an amazing apartment near those places for you to have a great trip to London!

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