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Best money saving tips to know when coming to London

Best money saving tips to know when coming to London

Now that you’ve finally booked your Airbnb rather than a Hotel and had a look at our blog post to make the most of your travel to London, you’re still wondering how you will spend your budget once there. London is said to be an expensive city, however, with some tips, you’ll definitely notice that it’s possible to relieve the stress put on your wallet so let us guide you through our Best money saving tips to know when coming to London!


#1 Transportation

London IS an expensive city when it comes to transportation, especially the tube. You can pay up to £4.90 for a single ticket, almost as expensive as a Fish & Chips meal! If you are not willing to pay this price for one return journey ticket (and we can understand why), you should rather pay by paying contactless with your debit/credit card directly and you will be charged with the cheapest fares avail off-peak and night fares are the cheapest). An awesome way to save time AND Money!

#2 Learn to walk

Why take the tube when you can walk, right? Well, while in other cities it might be the best solution to take the metro, in London It’s not always the case. You can easily walk to the City center, which is essentially inside the Circle Tube Line. Of course, it will take your more time but if you’re a FOMO type of person (fear of missing out) you’ll certainly discover things on your way that you would have missed while being on the tube!
Another option lies in taking Boris Bikes aka Santander Cycles, you know the blue bikes that you can take from practically anywhere (if there are any still available…). You’ll certainly love cycling through Hyde Park on those bikes!

#3 Free exhibitions

Who said you had to pay for everything? London hosts plenty of amazing free attractions that you can experience without spending a dime. These include top art galleries and museums including Tate Modern, National Gallery and British Museum, the Southbank Centre art complex, and outdoor spaces such as Hyde Park and Hampstead Heath.

#4 Eat home or eat outside?

As foodies, we still haven’t found the solution to the question: “Should we eat to live or live to eat?” Maybe a mix of both would be the perfect solution. However, you won’t always be eating outside and it’s for the best. Cooking at home will be cheaper and sometimes really worth it as it won’t put pressure on your wallet like restaurant bills would do!

#5 Currency Exchange

Currency exchange is the trickiest part when coming to London. The island has decided to say no to the Euro so you’ll have to convert your money each time you go to the UK. Change bureaus located in the most touristic areas will have rates that will make you lose a lot of money when converting into British Pounds and back to your home currency. To avoid this, use the Revolut card or Transfer Wise (free when you register). You’ll be able to change currency online without fees!

#6 Vintage or brand new?

“Thrift Shop” by Macklemore was a success, and we don’t think that it was by accident! London has a great culture of re-using old clothes. Why ? Because it looks cool and it’s old school. So if you think that Oxford Street and Westfield Malls are overrated, head to Brick Lane or Camden Town and discover London’s best Thrift Stores!

#7 Partying

Want to party? London is also well known for its numerous clubs. Buying your ticket at the door will cost you a fortune but we have a solution for you: book your ticket online one week before to have the early bird ticket, sometimes more than 75% cheaper than the door ticket so don’t hesitate to plan your nights out!

Tell us if you tried FG Properties and what did you think of it! With FG Properties we can find you an amazing apartment near those places for you to have a great trip to London!

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