Why rent a hotel room when you can rent a FGProperties apartment? | FG Properties
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Why rent a hotel room when you can rent a FGProperties apartment?

Why rent a hotel room when you can rent a FGProperties apartment?

It’s that time of the year! Summer holidays are over but you are already searching to book an apartment for your next holidays. While searching for the next place, you might ask yourself: should I book a hotel room or should I book a proper apartment? Well, you will find answers in this blog post and won’t be asking yourself ever again “Why rent a hotel room when you can rent a FGProperties apartment?”


#1 Location

Airbnbs are so popular in London that each street in the city has at least one apartment listed on Airbnb. We did not check if it was actually true, but apartment rental is developing quite fast across the entire city. You will certainly find plenty of apartments in the location that you are searching for.

#2 Space

Hotels are certainly nice: fresh linen, comfy beds, big rooms (not always…) If one of your criteria is having a room large enough to fit 3 big suitcases, you should rather look into booking an apartment. You’ll have plenty of space, a real living room and a separate bedroom in most of the cases.

#3 Pricing

Airbnbs are cheaper than hotel rooms. That’s 59% cheaper than a hotel room on average, to be precise. For example, in Bath and Oxford, an Airbnb is 52% less expensive, 51% in Manchester and 50% in Chester. The peak is reached when we analyze data from London. In this case, even if we compare a property listed with a pool or a hot tub to a hotel with the same amenities, the Airbnb is 59% less expensive. 

#4 Family-friendly

If you’re coming with your family, a hotel room might be too narrow. On the other hand, a flat or a house will be perfect for your children. If you’re lucky, you can even get a garden or a terrace. Moreover, you’ll also be able to cook, as you’ll have a kitchen to use.

#5 Host-Guest relationship

You want to know where to have a lovely stroll or try the best food in the neighborhood? Just ask your host and he will give you all the best tips. Most of the time, a house manual is already present in the flat.

#6 Experience the city like a local

You’re living in a normal apartment or a house, you get to greet neighbors, find out where the closest grocery store is, where to drop off the garbage and stuff like this. No matter how good the hotel is you can’t get that level of authenticity in a hotel.


Tell us if you tried FG Properties and what did you think of it! With FG Properties we can find you an amazing apartment near those places for you to have a great trip to London!

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