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The Best Alternative Ways to Spend the Next Week Bank Holiday

The Best Alternative Ways to Spend the Next Week Bank Holiday

With the bank holiday coming up next week, you’re now wondering how you would like to spend your 3-day weekend. If you’d like to go to the Notting Hill Carnival, you can check our previous blog post. Otherwise, we’ve made you a list of the best alternative ways to spend next week’s bank holiday, if the Carnival is a déjà-vu!


1. Museum of London: Gladiator Games?

Swords, armours and spectacular realistic fights: this is what the Museum of London is offering you from the 25th to the 28th. Take your seats and cheer on a sensational troop of Roman gladiators as they battle for glory in a gripping 60-minute show. Will your favourite fighter be crowned champion?

2. Sculpture in the City

If you’re artsy, this outdoor exposition is for you. Scattered all over London, these sculptures, which are part of the seventh edition of this urban sculpture trail, will bring a dose of high culture to the City from June 27. Who said the city was only for bankers?!

3. London Super Comic ConCarnival

Swap you formal suit for a Superman suit and fly to the Business Design Center to take part in one of the biggest Comic Con of Europe! We know that you’ve always wanted to be a superhero so book your ticket for the 25th, 26th or 27th.

4. Day getaway to Cambridge

For the more adventurous ones willing to discover the UK and not only London, you can set your sails to Cambridge. Located only 45min from the capital by train, Cambridge is certainly one of the sweetest cities. The city has a very medieval feel, with its old buildings and small cosy streets. From College visits to River Cam boat trips, you’ll have plenty to see even though the city is small.

5. Tooting Vegan Festival

If eating meat is a «no-go» for you or if you’d like to try a new type of food, head to the Tooting Vegan Festival. You’ll have the chance to try plenty of delicious food from different stands. A little surprise is also waiting for you: Nathalie Lindi, a soul singer will be live!

6. London Street Photography Festival

Street Photography has really become popular over the past years with the development of Instagram and phones with good cameras. Be it to contemplate amazing pictures or participate in workshops, don’t miss this Festival as London will be hosting it for the first time between the 26th and 27th of August 2017 at the Stour Space.

7. Caribbean Food Week Festival

Another day, another food festival. However, this time the Caribbean food will be under the spotlights. Located in Brixton, you’ll have the pleasure to find different stalls of food from different countries, ranging from Cuba to Jamaica. Oh, you’re hungry now?

Tell us if you visited one of these quirky places and what did you think of it! With FG Properties we can find you an amazing apartment near those places for you to have a great trip to London!

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