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14 Unusual And Quirky Places to Explore In London

14 Unusual And Quirky Places to Explore In London

If you’ve already been in London before and that you have checked every touristic places you wanted to see, here is list of 14 Unusual And Quirky Places to Explore In London that you probably do not know. If you want to have an original and unusual tour of the City, do not miss those places!

Freud Museum : get into the psychoanalyst’s head ! 

The Freud museum is located in Freud’s house, when his family arrived in London in 1938 to escape the Nazi annexation.

It contains a large collection of Freud’s antiquities, items and psychoanalysis research. You will be able to see the unique sofa, where his clients used to be psychoanalyzed by the great Sigmund Freud. A must see if you want to visit Hampstead!

20 Maresfield Gardens, London NW3 5SX

The Clink Prison Museum, the world famous jail! 

Clink Prison museum is based in the oldest jail in England (built in 1142). Now it is a sort of exhibition/simulation of this old jail who imprisoned thousands of inmate more than 600 years ago (the prison has closed in 1782). It is quite fun and they turn in ridiculous this old prison! A must see for a funny afternoon along the Thames River!

1 Clink St, London SE1 9DG

Hunterian Museum : the quirky museum! 

The Hunterian Museum is based in London’s Royal College of Surgeons. Not only this museum is quirky because of its large collection of surgical instruments from the 18th century but also it contains a lots of pickled creatures in jars. Yes, pickled creatures in jars.

Royal College of Surgeons of 35-43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields,  WC2A 3PE

Old Operating Theatre Museum : Discover medicine at the 19th century! 

(closed until July 2017)

If you are looking for a quirky, strange and horrific place in London, here is the one. This old operating theatre was the first one in England (18th century). A long time ago, when students started to study surgery, you could go to this theater to see the greatest surgeons operated patients that could not afford hospital. Of course, patients were not anesthetized at the time so the amputations should be done in less than 2 minutes and the risk of death was high.

9a St Thomas St, London SE1 9RY

The Geffrye Museum : the Time Machine 

This museum is not an horrific one but it is a very original one.

In the Geffrye Museum you will see the england home life from 1600 to 1998. In each rooms of the house you will see different times, different places. It is a real time machine. It is free, and if you want to discover Shoreditch, you can not miss this museum!

136 Kingsland Rd, London E2 8EA

The Pollock’s Toy Museum : Bowie’s inspiration! 

The Pollock’s Toy Museum is a small museum, located in a shop. It was created in 1956 and you will see old dolls houses, puppets, teddy bears, folk toys from around the world, toy soldiers and more (but no Chucky). It also inspired many characters of David Bowie because he used to spend a lot of time there in his childhood.

1 Scala St, Bloomsbury, London W1T 2HL

Mail Rail exhibitions 

Opens in July 2017

Created in the last century, located under London, the Mail Rail used to be the biggest way to travel the mail in all the city for a century. In July, the Mail Rail exhibitions reopened to the tourist and you will be able to learn everything about this Mail Rail that has been under London since 1927.

The Churchill War Rooms : Wartime 

The Churchill War Rooms are part of the Imperial War Museum. During the Blitz in London, Churchill and important government person used to hide in these Cabinet War Rooms. It used to be one of the most important places for the government during the wartime in London and it is now open to the public. Get into the wartime!

Clive Steps, King Charles St, Westminster, London SW1A 2AQ


Seven Noses of Soho : get eternal wealth! 

The Seven Noses of Soho are artistic installations all around Soho. It was created by Rick Buckley in 1997, first there were 30 noses all around London, but only 7 survived. A lots of urban legend was created around these noses such as : If you find the 7 ones, you will have eternal wealth. Let’s have a walk.

The Widow’s Son Pub : The old myths of the cross buns! 

The widow’s son pub is now just a pub but it has a long and strange story.

This basement was built in 1848 during the Napoleonic War and it was inhabited by an old widow and her son. Her son left to the sea during the war and he promised his mother he will come back for Easter and will be waiting for a hot cross bun. Of course, he never came back but the mother continues to bake hot cross bun every Good Friday during the rest of her life.

After she passed away, a large collection of hot cross bun was founded in the ceiling of the house, and apparently, it did not decay.

You can now just have a beer in this pub named in the name of this old urban story.

75 Devons Rd, Mile End, London E3 3PJ


Jack the Ripper Museum : go back to 1888! 

Jack the Ripper is probably the most famous murderer of London since 1888 when he killed prostitutes and dismember their bodies in London’s street. The point is that we never found who Jack the Ripper was and the research still continues nowadays. In the Jack the Ripper Museum you will see some reconstructions of his murder and clues about the affair. 

12 Cable St, Whitechapel, London E1 8JG

Jeremy Bentham’s Skeleton : the man who wanted eternity 

Jeremy Bentham was an English philosopher and he died on 6 June 1832. He wanted his body to be conserved forever as an Auto-Icon. His head did not remains so it was replaced by a wax-head.

You can now stare at his body that is exposed in The University College of London. Have fun.

The University College of London

London’s Dungeon : get into the creepiest story of London! 

London’s Dungeon is an attraction that simulated London old urban stories. Actors and specials effects are created to make a realistic and humoristic experience at the London’s Dungeon. Get to know everything about London’s urban horror stories!

County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7PB

The Ruins of St Dunstan in the East : the peaceful ruins! 

St Dunstan in the East was built around 1100 but it was damaged in 1666 because of the Great Fire of London. It was rebuilt during the 18th century and then was damaged again during the Blitz of 1941. Since then, no one has decided to build back this church and the nature took control of it and it is now a stunning park based on the damaged church. It has open to the public in 1970. 

St Dunstan in the East, St Dunstan’s Hill, London, EC3R 5DD


Tell us if you visited one of these quirky places and what did you think of it! With FG Properties we can find you an amazing apartment near those places for you to have a great trip to London!



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