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Best exhibitions of Spring in London!

Best exhibitions of Spring in London!

London has so many museums, and always great exhibitions to discover. It is always hard to choose which one to attend. Lucky for you, we are here to help you! We have listed a few of the best exhibitions of Spring in London! These are not to be missed….

Giacometti: Exhibition at the Tate Modern 

Here is it: the biggest exhibition about Giacometti at the Tate Modern. You have until September the 10th to come and see this incredible exhibition about one of the most influential artist of the twentieth century. Alberto Giacometti was considered as a sculptor, a painter and a draughtsman, as a results, the Tate gathered more than 250 piece of his work. 

“I am very interested in art but I am instinctively more interested in truth […] The more I work, the more I see differently” -Alberto Giacometti 

Best exhibitions of Spring in London!

The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains at the Victoria And Albert Museum

From the 13th of May until October, we will be able to attend the Pink Floyd Exhibition! This is the first exhibition about the mythical Pink Floyd. You will be able to live this experience since the 1960s to nowadays through audio visual experiences, their music technics, their stage design and stories.

Get to know everything about this chart-records bands that led the teenage rebellion! This is not to be missed!

Best exhibitions of Spring in london

The Balenciaga exhibition: Shaping Fashion at the Victoria and Albert Museum

After touring the world, the Balenciaga exhibition is finally in London starting from th 27th of May and is taking place at the mythic Victoria and Albert Museum near the Kensington Gardens. You will see more than a hundred unique craft of couture made by Cristobal Balenciaga during his whole career, and you can approach one of the most beautiful pieces of fashion ever created.

Don’t miss this chance to learn more about the couture industry and learn more about the famous Cristobal Balenciaga himself.

Best exhibitions of Spring in London!

Queer British Art (1861-1967) at the Tate Britain

This exhibition exposed the Queer British Art or the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community (LGBT). You can see Bacon and Hackney’s pieces, or Oscar Wilde and Ducan Grant’s paintings until October 1st. The door of the prison cell where Oscar wiled was locked is exposed on a wall of the exhibition and at the end, you can write your story on a paper and stuck it on a wall to express to the world how this exhibition affected you.

It’s moving and you definitely can’t miss this during your journey in the city!

Best exhibitions of Spring in London!

Designing Freedom : California at the Design Museum 

This is the first exhibition about the Californian Art. The Design Museum is focusing on the fact that California lead the first freedom movement, from Hippies to skateboard and IPhone. The exhibition gathered posters, photographs, computers, cars, writings, everything to understand how the 21st century began in California. The Design Museum exposed a real futurist exhibition.

Best exhibitions of Spring in London!

Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait at the Jewish Museum

Until the 24th of September 2017, you will be able to discover the Amy Winehouse: A family Portrait at the Jewish Museum. Amy Winehouse’s family gave to the Jewish Museum a collection of photographs, clothings and items that build her life out of the drama. This is the second time this exhibition is exposed in this museum due to its success. Meet the real Amy in this exhibition presented by her sister and her brother!

Best exhibitions of Spring in London!

People Power: Fighting for Peace at the Imperial War Museum

Join us until the 28th of August to see the People’s Power Fighting for Peace exhibition! This exhibition is about living the peace movement during the war. There are over 300 objects that are exposed, paintings, literature, banners, posters, music, to show this fight for peace that human are fighting for hundred years. You will be able to see original pictures and writings of Emmeline Pankhurst, Suffragettes, Resistant and all the anti-war movement.

This is also not to be missed!

Best exhibitions Spring in London!

There are many more exhibitions, but here are our favorites! Let us know which one you attended ans which one you preferred! This is the perfect opportunity to visit London for a nice cultural trip! Don’t forget to book your holiday rental apartment with us, FG Properties! We have many cosy apartments for you to feel right at home! 

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