4 Designs tips for your Short Let property! | FG Properties
Short let is very popular, and it can really work out with nice flats! Here are some unusual design tips for your flat!
short let
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4 Designs tips for your Short Let property!

4 Designs tips for your Short Let property!

Short letting is very popular. And it can really work out with nice flats! You want to short let your flat but you want your flat to be perfect? Here are some unusual design tips for your flat, to maximise its appeal, and its success 😉

#1 Wisely choose your colours

Walls are capital. And so are the colours you choose to put on. There is nothing worse than a cold and unwelcoming room. If you want to start on the right patch, having designs arousing positive emotions is a right way to start. And believe is or not, the colours you choose can impact your emotions such as productivity (Blue), tranquillity and health (Green),  calmness (Pink and Purple), energy (yellow). Try it out, you’ve got everything to get out of it!

#2 Don’t overcrowd a room

As much as people won’t feel good in an empty room, a crowded room will feel smaller than she actually is, and guest will feel overwhelmed. Let your flat breathe! There is no need to put one chair in every corner only because they are nice. If you feel that your room could need something more, add a rug, it will add something to the room and still leave space to move around.

#3 Put a little bit of nature

Some colourful flowers, some green plants, and your flat is transformed! It will not only add a new spirit to a room, but it will also help brighten it up! And which guest won’t appreciate a little bit of colour?

#4 Catch the light

Positioning a mirror in a dark room will help you catch the light and bring the sun into it. Having a white-framed mirror is the best, as it will naturally brighten up the room. A mirror will also create an illusion of space. For example, a mirror in a small and dark corridor can help you do something of it without changing everything!

Here are our unusual design tips to transform your flat! You are now ready for short let! And with FG Properties, you’ll have nothing to worry about! We will market and manage your flat the best way possible to optimize your income and take away all the hassle!

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