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Most relaxing places in London

22 May Most relaxing places in London

People often says that the City is stressful, but London is full of hidden gardens and calm places that should be known! If you want to avoid the noise and the pollution here is a list of the most relaxing places in London to take a breath out of the city. 

1- Hampstead Hill Garden & Pergola, the Greek garden

Hampstead Hill Garden & Pergola is a hidden paradise in the north of the city. It looks like a Greek forsaken treasure. These gardens were built in 1904 for Lord Leverhulme who has bought the hill to create a paradisiac place for his family. You can now go to have a walk and be in the calm of this special forest for hours, out of the city, out of everything. The Pergola, Inverforth Cl, London NW3 7EX

Most relaxing places in London

2- Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre,  the Royal Spa

Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre is in the Cafe Royal based in Piccadilly. It is located in one of the most frequented place in London but it is one of the most calmest spa of the city. It is a very luxurious spa and you can have a swim in their private pool before getting massage by professionals in a peaceful atmosphere. Hotel Café Royal, 50 Regent St, Soho, London W1B 5AS

Most relaxing places in London

3- Kyoto Gardens, Holland Park, the zen attitude! 

Kyoto Gardens are Japanese gardens in Holland Park, in the heart of the city. It is nowadays a touristic place but it is still a real escape from the city if you want to take a breath and think about nothing else than the calm of this Japanese surface. Holland Park Ave, Kensington, London W11 4UA

Most relaxing places in London

4- Daunt Books, for the books lovers

Daunt Books in Marylebone is a stunning library based in London’s centre. It is well-known for its large collection of travel books and foreign literature. It was first opened in 1912. You can sit for hours in the quiet and serenity to read a book, work or make some research. It is also very impressive because of its third floors and its huge collections of international books.  83-, 84 Marylebone High St, London W1U 4QW    

Most relaxing places in London

5- Alexandra Nurseries: the hidden coffee garden

Alexandra Nurseries is a stunning coffee shop/garden. You can have a cup of tea, read your book and feel like if you were in a french garden. It is a bit far from the heart of the city but it is worth the travel. It’s probably one of the best coffee shop of London! 56B Parish Lane, London SE20 7LJ

Most relaxing places in London

6- The Poetry Society: focus on the essential

“To promote the study, use and enjoyment of poetry” is the motto of the house. The poetry society was created in 1909, the first president was the well-known Lady Margaret Sackville. You can come whenever you want, to listen or to confess about your own poems. This is a peaceful and passionate place, a must see in London. 22 Betterton St, London WC2H 9BX

Most relaxing places in London

7- Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park: Oriental exhibition

The Mandarin Oriental Spa is considered as one of the most perfect spa in London, it is also well known as one of the greatest in Europe. Indeed, the place is a heaven of peace, the masseurs knows exactly what they are doing, everything is done on purpose to make you have a special time that you will never want to end. 66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA

Most relaxing places in London

8- Queen’s wood: the “wildwood”

Queen’s Wood are thought to be one of the last part of the “wildwood”, which was a forest that covered all of the United Kingdom thousand years ago. So if you want to feel close to the nature and be in a peaceful and calm environment, this is the place. London N10 3LD

Most relaxing places in London

Picture : © Mick Hartley 

9- Victoria and Albert National Art Library: the world famous library

Victoria and Albert National Art Library is a major public reference library. Indeed, this 19th century large book storage is one of the fullest of the world. It is often busy because it is the London’s favourite place to study but you can still have a walk in the different floors and look at Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece, it is very relaxing. Cromwell Road, Knightsbridge, London SW7 2RL

Most relaxing places in London

10- The Benjamin Franklin House: get close to the Fouding Father! 

Benjamin Franklin lived in this house from 1757 to 1775. The Founding Father of the United States’s house has become a sort of museum. Actually, an actress who played the role of Franklin’s daughter will lead you through the house and will let you know about this historic character. This is a very strong and relaxing experience, and not only this is cultural, it is also a great way to relax out of town. 36 Craven St, London WC2N 5NF.

Most relaxing places in London

Let us know if you tried one of our relaxing places in London. Hope you will feel better! With FG Properties, we have a lot of cosy apartments in the city for you to take some days off nearby those places! You don’t need to go on vacation to take away the stress, you can still relax in the City, take a day off and relax with us!


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